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Meet Kim George


Thank you so much for checking out my Evexia Total Fitness website. I'm very passionate about physical health and I am excited to connect with you...

I have been part of the fitness industry in Australia for over 25 years, where I have been able to positively change the physical and mental health of my clients when working in Sydney and now on the Central Coast ...

During this time I have also taught just about every Group Fitness class you can think of - from Spin to Body Pump to Boxing classes and many types of other Les Mills classes. Being a full-time working mum (raising three children) and running my successful Personal Training Business "Evexia" I understand the pressures of time and responsibility and appreciate life can be a 'juggle' sometimes...

I am here to help and support you to achieve a healthy work/life balance and in reaching your fitness goals...

I love to laugh and have fun so your training sessions will be enjoyable and energetic, yet challenging and results-driven. I will be right by your side every inch of the way making sure that you keep on track and reach your full potential...

Let's find out what your goals are, talk about your 'why' and then work out a plan for you to achieve exactly what you want...

Evexia Total Fitness Personal Training Studio For Women NOW OPEN!!!

Evexia Trainer Overview

I’m currently training clients at my Personal Training Studio for Women in Killarney Vale on the NSW Central Coast. 🏼

About me ...

With over 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry, one of the many things that I have learned is that results based training is not a one-size-fits all approach.

I provide a personal, fun and caring experience to your training sessions, creating programs tailored to your specific needs and fitness level, which will gradually challenge you to achieve your specific goals and to reach your full potential.


AusREP Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional | Cert III & Cert IV in fitness | Pilates | Pre & Post Pregnancy | Les Mills Body Pump | Les Mills RPM | Cycle | Suspension Trainer | Kettlebells Level 1.

Please reach out if this is something you’re looking for in a personal trainer...

About Evexia Total Fitness

I'm a strong believer that results based training should not have a one-size fits all approach. Due to my extensive personal training experience I understand that people have different needs and are motivated by various training styles. I take the time to understand your history to discover what drives you, to help create your personalised program sessions, to ensure that you reach your desired goals...

And I love seeing my clients thriving and achieving success...

I created Evexia Total Fitness because I am passionate about physical health. I have experienced first-hand, with my clients and personally, the positive affects physical training and exercise has on your mental and total body wellness - particularly through times of uncertainty, fear, anxiety and struggle...

Evexia Total Fitness is focussed on helping you to become the very best version of yourself, using The Four Pillars - Mindset, Movement, Self Love and Lifestyle - to create the strong foundation that will lead you on the Pathway to Mind Body Mastery...

Contact us


Phone: 0402 824 957



Meet Mr Jeffrey - Trauma Recovery Expert

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the awesome Evexia Total Fitness website. I'm very grateful to have connected with you and am really excited to be collaborating with the amazing Kim George to help you achieve MIND BODY MASTERY...

I'm very passionate about helping others and I'm a big believer that things in life happen for a reason - which is WHY I do what I do and WHY you're on this website...

As a retired Senior Sergeant from the NSW Police Force who proudly served for 16 years I understand what its like to be confronted with struggles and challenges in life. After being diagnosed, and medically discharged, with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Depression in 2011 I hit rock bottom - feeling lost, alone - not knowing who I was and having thoughts of suicide. But that's not who I am, or what I do, anymore...

I'm now fully recovered and am very passionate about using my experiences and qualifications as a Trauma Recovery Expert to help people 'Reclaim Their Lives' using the modalities of NLP, Timeline Therapy (R) and Hypnotherapy (see PATHWAYS section below for more details)...

Which is WHY Kim and I have joined forces and expertise in our individual fields of PHYSICAL and MENTAL health to create the Pathways to MIND BODY MASTERY. Together we will guide, support and encourage you to LET GO of the past, RELEASE any events, emotions and beliefs that are holding you back and HELP you FOCUS forward on the life you DESIRE and DESERVE...

Remember, all CHANGE starts with a DECISION - to make yourself a priority and do whatever it takes...

Check out the FOUR PILLARS and PATHWAYS TO MIND BODY MASTERY below, right now!!!


The Four Pillars of Evexia Total Fitness





About Evexia Mindset

Mindset is the first of the Evexia Pillars. Mastering the Mind is critical to being able to achieve the goals we desire and deserve.

The Unconscious Mind controls over 95% of what we think, feel and do everyday - it's what keeps us alive when we are sleeping, heals us when we are hurt and controls how we react when something happens.

All of our experiences - what we've seen, heard, smelt, touch, tasted and felt - is all recorded in the Unconscious Mind. That is why when we experience something or are triggered by a past memory - we react with the negative emotion (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt etc), as well as any self-limiting belief (I'm not good enough, I don't deserve it etc), that we have attached to that experience.

So even though consciously we want to achieve a goal (lose weight, find true love, earn more money etc) or give up a habit that doesn't serve us (binge eating, quit smoking etc) we are limited by the emotions and beliefs we have created as a result of our past.

In order for us to achieve our goals and become the very best version of ourselves we must Master our Mindset.

In this Pillar you will release past trauma, change your limiting beliefs, interrupt your old patterns of thought, create new empowering meanings, set new goals and focus on the outcome you desire.

About Evexia Movement

Movement is the Pillar that connects the Pathways to Mind Body Mastery. It is fundamental to succeeding in the Pillars of Mindset, Self-Love and Lifestyle.

The causal link between Physical Health with Mental Wellness, Self-Worth and Healthy Habits are undeniable. This Pillar is the foundation upon which success and positive outcomes are built.

The focus of this Pillar is to highlight the importance of Movement through Action - exercise, mobility, technique, strength, balance and co-ordination. To understand that Movement changes your physical and emotional state. It increases your energy, allows you to focus and concentrate better, provides motivation to SEE, BE, DO and ACHIEVE more.

In this Pillar you will learn and apply how critical the Mind-Body connection is to feeling good, reducing stress, preventing injury, coping with anxiety, fighting dis-ease and better quality sleep. You will not only look good, you'll feel great.

About Evexia Self-Love

Self-Love is one of the most important Pillars on this pathway to Mind Body Mastery.

To many people Self-Love isn't something that they are aware of or practice consistently. People are so caught up in life and work that they neglect who they are and what's important to them. Through this Pillar you will be able to reconnect with the feelings, activities, experiences, people and places that will FILL YOUR CUP - whether new or old - to allow you to recharge your soul, to know your worth, to set positive boundaries, to reclaim your life - to know who you are at your core.

You will learn the art of receiving, allowing yourself to practice Self-Love through Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Kindness and Self-Understanding - all whilst being supported by professional and caring experts.

You will be able to LET GO and Learn from the past - to create an identity that you are PROUD of - to become the person you've always wanted to become - who you already are deep within.

About Evexia Lifestyle

The Lifestyle we lead has a direct impact upon the results we achieve - which is why it is the final Pillar.

Regardless of what goals you want to achieve, how hard you work at them or how passionate you are - if you're not looking after yourself and leading a positive and empowered lifestyle you may reach your destination - but never truly appreciate or be fulfilled in life.

In the Lifestyle Pillar we will focus on how you are living (are you sleeping enough, drinking enough water, getting enough 'ME time' etc). You'll learn how to practice good nutrition - identify habits and behaviours that no longer serve you - create healthy beliefs and routines - overcome any addictions, resistance or fears that are holding you back - embrace your true worth and be able to maintain 'balance' in who you are and the life you lead.

The Pathways To Mind Body Mastery...

The PATHWAYS can be achieved through Online, In-Person or Video Conference (Zoom/Google Hangout) sessions.

Different Strategies and Modalities will be used - depending upon the type and length of the Program you select - and according to your needs:

These include:

  • Personal Training (One-on-One, Online, Distance)

  • Group Training

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Coaching - used to help reframe the way we communicate with ourselves,

interrupt our patterns of thought and change the meaning/neuro-association of past events.

  • Timeline Therapy (R) - allows us to identify the traumatic events from the past (without going into detail, reliving the event

or being retraumatised)

  • Hypnotherapy - is a successful way to reprogram the unconscious mind using hypnosis as therapy. It's safe, effective and you're in control the whole time.

  • Goal Setting

  • Values Alignment

You will be personally supported in this process through:

  • Experience & Expertise in Physical/Mental Health

  • Personalised Programs (specific to your needs/goals)

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • 100 days - 24/7 Live Chat Access/Support

  • Daily Check-ins (Physical)

  • Weekly Taskings/Challenges

  • Nutrition Support/Recipes


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